Landscaping – Technical Info
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Lacotta also make a variety of landscaping products:

Lacotta sleepers are available in the following sizes:
1000 x 230 x 50mm
740 x 230 x 50mm

Lacotta kerbstones are standard in 1 size only:
330 x 150 x 50mm
Lacotta has developed various sized kerbs to meet the needs of specific projects, the kerbs are manufactured ina variety of colours to match and enhance any area where they are used.

Stepping Stones
Lacotta Stepping Stones are available in a variety of colours and sizes.
500 x 500 x 50mm

Cobble Step Stones
410 x 410 x 50mm
540 x 360 x 50mm

Slabs can be made in any size required.
Standard size: 900 x 900 X 50mm

Lacotta Circles
Made in a variety of colours and sizes:
Small (12pc) Diameter 1550mm
Medium (12pc) Diameter 2150mm
Large (12pc) Diameter 2800mm
X-Large (12pc) Diameter 3400mm

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